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Moss Creek Winery - Napa Valley

Moss Creek meanders through the Moskowite family vineyards and stone winery located in the rolling hills of the eastern Napa Valley.  Our family has been farming here for over 90 years, with 185 acres of vineyards planted since 1974.  Today, we retain a select portion of the grapes from each harvest to create our limited production estate wines.


Family History in Napa Valley

Four generations of the Moskowite family have been farming  in the Napa Valley since 1917.  During the 1920’s ranches were acquired in the Berryessa, Capell, Monticello and Wooden Valley regions of the eastern Napa Valley.  These holdings encompassed over 10,000 acres and primarily farmed hay and raised sheep and cattle.  Muscat vineyards remained on the property from 19th century plantings.  During prohibition, “sacramental wine” was made in a stone wine cellar in Wooden Valley.


The ranch evolved to grape growing as a livelihood in 1972 when Harold Moskowite first began planting 145 acres of vineyards as part of along-term grape contract.  Today, the Moskowite Ranch covers approximately 1,300 acres of the eastern Napa Valley hills to which 185 acres are planted with grapes.



The Moskowite family vineyards lie in Capell Valley, a small mountain valley located in the Napa Valley hills directly east of Oakville. Nestled against Atlas Peak, the vineyard ranges in elevation  from 835 to 900 feet.  Vineyard plantings include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabeernet Franc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel.   The vineyards primarily source grapes to several renown Napa Valley wineries;  including Beringer, Raymond, Rombauer and  Saddleback Cellars.


These 42 year old vineyards are planted in a well drained, loam soil that is riddled with rock and obsidian.  The vineyard maturity, soil types and estate farming practices combine to produce exceptional low yielding fruit.  The cooler climate provided by the mountain elevation brings on a longer growing season.  Therefore, the grapes have an extended hang time on the vine, allowing the sugars to ripen slowly prior to harvest.  This produces an outstanding mature fruit, adding character and rich complexity to Moss Creek wines.



Today, owners George and Ann Moskowite have re-established the family’s dormant winery.  This followed lengthy business careers for both in the financial and computer software industries.  We have retained veteran Napa Valley winemaker Nils Venge, enabling Moss Creek Winery to craft the finest estate grown wines possible from the family vineyards.


This beautiful stone winery building is nestled amongst our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards. Wine caves have been tunneled into the hill behind the winery.  A stone bridge crosses the creek and links the winery to a picnic area nestled in an Oak grove.  Visitors are welcome by appointment.

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